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Good photo, the works look great displayed like that.

Ed Parkinson

Thanks Brian, next time you're in Dublin call into the house and you'll see 'my gallery'. We have a long hall which is covered with the pictures. Thy give people something to talk about, a real conversation starter.



Hi Ed,

I loved your 'out of the box' piece. No wonder it won an award. Excellent stuff. Did you sell any?

Ed Parkinson

Hi Ellen

Thanks for dropping by the stand, it was great to see you and reading your blog you obviously had a good weekend.

I won the award, there was lots of interest in the pictures, many people could see the stories in the images but nobody bought anything. :-(

I'm taking the philosophical view on this result. It was a great marketing exercise, anyone who was interested in art was there. It is also an educational process because my art is unique, people are not used to seeing much like it, they need to see it a few times before they get comfortable with it.

I reckon I'll be an overnight success in about 5 years!


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